Best Gua Sha Tools for Dark Circles & Wrinkles

Gua Sha VS Botox for De Puff Facial Wrinkles Dark Circles If you are a woman with wrinkles on your face area, you can try using Gua sha as a facial tool to massage your face skin area to relieve tension in the muscles, move lymphatic fluid, and increase blood circulation in the skin especially … Read more

Best Gua Sha Tools for Acne Prone Skin and Rosacea

Can Gua Sha Remove Pimples and Is It Good for Sensitive Skin For women who have sensitive and acne-prone skin, you can try using Gua Sha as lymphatic drainage massage where it is effective to improve your blood circulation and remove blood and fluid stagnation in your face.  If you are searching tutorial of how … Read more

Best Oil Serum Rose Quartz Tools for Facial Gua Sha

DIY Gua Sha for Facial Massage to Get Sculpted and Toned Face Most women today know and practice facial gua sha, in which they get relaxation and lessened tension that lead to clearer skin, fewer wrinkles and a more sculpted or youthful appearance.  Practicing gua sha for the first time will get you to feel … Read more

Best Gua Sha Tools for Double Chin and Jawline

How to Use Self Gua Sha to Get Rid of Double Chin and Jawline Today, everyone might have known that Gua Sha or some people say gwaa-shaa is an ancient Eastern massage practice with a flat tool to be used to press and pull it across the skin to increase blood flow.  The function of … Read more

Gua Sha for Stretch Marks and Cellulite Before After

Body Gua Sha Tui Na Is The Best Way Melt Cellulite Stretch Marks on Your Thigh For those who like massaging therapy, you have known that Gua Sha actually helps restore radiance to your skin and tone the tissues which can increase the blood flow with a lot of oxygen and contributing to all your … Read more