5 Best Gua Sha Tools to Sculpt and Contour Face Slimming

Does Gua Sha Help with a Slim Face? Some women have tried and proven gua sha that it is good for face slimming  Especially women face puff up caused by lymph and water retention, which mars the outline of the face and makes it look round and plump.  It is why facial treatment with Gua … Read more

Beginner`s Guide How to Relieve TMJ Masseter Self Gua Sha at Home

What are TMJ Disorder Symptoms and How to Solve it? TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint which is mostly a daily symptom causing soreness, headaches, and a whole lot of teeth-grinding that will lead to jaw-clenching  TMJ may be a painful movement of the jaw where the joint may click when opened and shut at the … Read more