Best Gua Sha Tools for Acne Prone Skin and Rosacea

Can Gua Sha Remove Pimples and Is It Good for Sensitive Skin

For women who have sensitive and acne-prone skin, you can try using Gua Sha as lymphatic drainage massage where it is effective to improve your blood circulation and remove blood and fluid stagnation in your face. 

If you are searching tutorial of how to use it correctly for impure skin and acne, you can read this article

According to gua sha for acne, it is closely related to facial gua sha treatment

If you do facial gua sha routinely several times a week, your skin and the texture will improve significantly.

On the other side, doing gua sha consistently will encourage cell renewal and collagen production which is needed to get better complexion 

Because your collagen production in increased significantly, it creates a more glowing look to your face 

When you are prone to acne or experiencing a breakout, gua sha is so effective for treatment 

It is caused by gua sha can encourage the drainage of stagnant or toxic lymph in which it also promotes healthy skin function 

Related to gua sha for acne, it includes facial gua sha where you will need to perform a gentle self-massage with a gua sha stone to help improve the complexion and detoxify your body. 

Basically, the gua sha stone is specifically suited for the contours of the face. 

When performing gua sha for your face, the practice of gua sha involves slow, steady strokes, which is applied immediately and over time, so that it can create the appearance of lift, tone, clarity, and brightness in your face. 

Unlike botox, that freezes the face and the muscles around it, gua sha functions to infuse the tissues with blood and chi or qi, also known as life force. 

In facial gua sha, using lots of pressure and quick scraping motions are not necessarily to be applied, but using a gentle and firm slow pull of the skin with the same intention of helping to move blood, lymph, and manipulate sub-dermal fascia is need to apply in the process of massaging your face.  

Practically, lymph, the colorless liquid in our bodies storing white blood cells and hydrating your tissues, as well as moving through the lymph nodes and lymphatic system, so that it eventually makes its way into the bloodstream. 

In line with this, the major drainage spot for lymph is located at the base of the neck 

It is why it is so important to start and finish with the neck when performing your gua for your face.

On the other side, gua sha has a positive effect by increasing circulation, blood flow, and blood volume. 

For facial gua sha, practicing gua sha regularly for your face will activate the tissues, the lymph, as well as lifting the contours of your face with the same mechanisms, just at a gentler pace and scale. 

Does Gua Sha Really Help to Remove Acne or Rosacea?

Recently, the popularity of gua sha has become the leading star in the beauty world 

According to this, gua sha tools are made from natural stone which bring about real, visible results, quickly. 

Because of treating your face with gua sha, it is the same as treating your body and balancing out the nervous system due to nerve endings and the fascia network transporting the impacts of the treatment to tissues all over your body. 

Still related to facial massage with gua sha, it can also be useful for treating acne and rosacea. 

In accordance with acne treatment, it is common sense that inflamed skin and impurities must not be rubbed directly with gua sha tools. 

So how to correctly treat acne or rosacea with gua sha? 

Specifically, gua sha works with the epidermis and dermal layers underneath, in which it has the potential to help clear chronic blackheads, whiteheads, and it also prevents hormonal breakouts. 

At this point, if you just started gua sha practice to remove acne, it can aggravate the skin and cause a breakout 

Anyway, this happens and is normal as this is part of the detoxification process that can get a little worse before it gets better. 

Also, it is not recommended to use gua sha on skin that’s broken out or otherwise inflamed since doing so may agitate it further. 

How to Remove Acne and Rosacea with The Right Gua Sha Tool 

  1. Gua Sha Spoon

Furthermore, for acne and rosacea treatment with gua sha, it is suggested to focus on extra gentle strokes and pumping motions. 

Note that the pumping motion must not be stronger than the weight of the gua sha tool and it should not be directed inside the skin. 

Here, the pumping motion should be directed downward tilting the gua sha stone. 

You can do this with the Yin Your Skin gua sha spoon in which the curved shape makes pumping easy. 

For you to know, Yin Your Skin gua tools are made from 100 % xiuyan-jade. 

Every single tool has a certification of identification of their origin. 

The curved shape ensures this gual sha tool is gentle 

And, the end of this gual sha tool provides the right amount of firmness for treating wrinkles and saggy skin. 

In the practice, you can apply a pumping action from the sides of the nose towards the base of the ear, which then continues over the bottom edge of the ear and behind the earlobe over the bottom part of the ear. 

Afterward, you can apply downward and outward strokes above the ear along the back of the ear towards the dip behind the earlobe 

At the same time, you can then move the tool down the sternocleidomastoid down to the crevice of the collarbone and you can continue with a pumping motion there. 

You need to do gently stroking action without additional pressure than the weight of the stone 

It is caused by extra force on your pumping action is not targeted directly on lymph nodes. 

Thus, just leave swollen or sore lymph nodes untreated.

Again, the right pumping motion will not cause mechanical damage to blemishes like other rubbing and stroking gua sha motions 

Once again, you must give it a go carefully as the guides suggest you do here.

Meanwhile, you can treat the scalp as well with the gua sha spoon, but you can also use a gua sha comb to do it. 

In the process, you can do the treatment for your acne and rosacea about three times a week. 

Then, you could do the treatment every day for three weeks before taking a break. 

Later on, you do not need to do treatment on a daily basis in the long term, as skin needs time to renew as itself.

When treating your skin with gua sha, always remember to use the scraping gently 

Do not apply too much pressure since the method looks more forceful than it is 

The other point is to always keep an eye on the condition of your skin. 

One thing you should know is that gua sha will not give a result in any side effects 

If you notice any effect, take a break whereby the treatment may result in impurities temporarily, though. 

  1. Jade Rollers and Rose Quartz

Jade rollers are now used by celebrities such as Khloe Kardashian and Victoria Beckham as a magic wand for all skin issues, from aging to acne. 

Magically, these jade rollers can reduce muscle tensions in the face, drain toxins through the lymphatic system, calm irritated skin and they also help topical products absorb better.

Using jade roller may be good for puffiness or wrinkle prevention. 

Can jade rollers help clear up acne and rosacea? 

You will get the answer in this post 

For you to know is that there is no connection between lymphatic drainage and acne. 

In related to acne, it is caused by genetics and hormones 

But, you can try a therapy to soothe acne with gentle rolling with jade roller and quartz 

Those tools are cool to the touch, and they can help to calm red, irritated skin that often coincides with acne. 

This methodical rolling and rubbing experience can be a pampering part of your daily routine if it is performed correctly. 

But, do not roll too aggressively, since active pimples can rupture, leading to more inflammation and more breakouts. 

Remember to always clean the jade roller and rose quartz thoroughly after each use since jade and quartz are porous, or they will become a bacteria-haven that multiplies blemishes quickly.

If you choose a jade or quartz roller as your acne treatment, be sure to use it as the final step of your routine. 

Firstly, dab your Clearogen Acne Lotion on your face, but do not rub in fully. 

Then, use a jade roller and gently roll up and down, then back and forth, as well as massaging the Acne Lotion into your pores. 

Before rolling your face with jade roller or rose quartz, always wash your jade roller thoroughly with warm soap and water afterward. 

Remember not to use a roller on a dirty face, which will only spread bacteria all over. 

Well, using jade rollers will boost your skin’s appearance, and you may simply enjoy the pleasant and relaxing self-care exercise. 

How Can Gua Sha Help Against Acne and Impurities?

Before that, it will better to learn what causes acne or any skin issue

As you know that your skin is one of the most important organs for your body’s detoxification, in that the lymphatic system is also playing an essential role.

In line with this, the most important task of the lymphatic system is to drain and remove tissue fluids and the toxins which they contain.

Then, if the lymphatic system is sluggish, toxins cannot be removed efficiently which excreted through the skin, resulting in clogged pores and pimples.

Because of this, if your lymphatic system is stagnant, this may result in skin issue.

Related to this, gua sha works with the epidermis and skin layers, which is also useful to eliminate chronic blackheads and whiteheads as well as preventing hormonal outbreaks.

As Gua Sha helps to stimulate the lymphatic system, bacteria, cell waste and sebum in the surrounding tissue through burst blackheads, can be transported away through the lymph.

For such reasons, the formation of blocked pores can be avoided or the healing of pimples and inflammations can be accelerated at the same time.

How to Do Gua Sha Correctly As Acne Treatment?

Again, when you are about to treat acne with gua sha, be sure to clean your face and use some facial oil to make Gua Sha tool glide gently over your face.

Here, you can apply Gua Sha only to the neck and décolleté, if you have an active acne outbreak.
Performing gua sha only to the neck and décolleté is also very effective since you still activate the lymphatic system and support the body’s own detoxification.

When doing so, you can also work around isolated pimples on the face.
Always remember not to stroke directly over a pimple or acne

As initial step, you can start working from bottom to top of the neck in case of impure skin.
Then, continue to work on the neck and work our way up from the chin over the cheeks to the forehead.
Doing such actions will open the channels so that the lymph can flow better.

Continue to your face and always work from the inside out when doing gua sha for face.

During the process, try to make feather-light strokes with the stone to gently move the lymphatic fluid.
Apply it regularly to get an improvement in your skin texture.


Generally, Gua Sha for face treatment becomes a toning and smoothing technique which is not only enhancing beauty but improving your health, texture and condition of your skin, as well as helping to minimize puffiness, fine lines, breakouts and even acne. 

For the best facial treatment with gua sha, you need a jade roller or rose quartz Gua Sha tool 

Besides, you also need a facial oil for smooth contact 

For relaxation, you can do this in morning or night as part of your beauty routine 

Additionally, gua sha can actually elevate the health of your skin while creating lift, as well as improving texture and glowing your complexion.

Once again, gua sha is a traditional healing method and natural alternative therapy which needs a gua sha tool to scrape the skin to stimulate blood circulation in the tissues and boost lymphatic drainage for fresh and glow skin

This gua sha tool is a stone made of rose quartz, in which it used to scrape the skin so that it can break down blockages and congestion in the body tissue and release toxins. 

For the result, the gua sha treatment will relieve muscle and fascial tension and efficiently stimulates blood circulation and metabolism. 

If you choose Gua Sha for facial treatment, you must apply this technique much less pressure to your face. 

You can perform fcial Gua Sha daily to improve the skin’s appearance and reuce impurities. 

Using gua sha correctly works like a facelift, in which your face is lifted, and tense facial muscles are relaxed then stagnant lymph is activated to eliminate toxins. 

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