Best Graston Scraping Tools for Foot Plantar Fasciitis

How to Do Self Graston Technique for Plantar Fasciitis Therapy at Home

If you hear of graston therapy, it is sometimes related to a scraping massage technique on the muscle to boost up new blood flow. 

And, this graston is often used for acute inflammatory conditions such plantar fasciitis, chronic conditions and post-surgical conditions which may lead to a build-up of scar tissue because of limited motion on the muscle. 

Moreover, graston technique is usually used to treat clinical conditions such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Achilles Tendonitis, IT Band Syndrome, Tennis Elbow, Golfers Elbow, Plantar Fasciitis, Rotator Cuff Tendonitis, Scar Tissue, Trigger Finger, Neck strain, Lower back strain, etc 

Just to remember if you have tennis elbow pain, you can apply graston technique to get rid of tennis elbow issue with this tutorial

What is Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar Fasciitis comes from plantar fascia, as a band of fascia or connective tissue running from the bottom inner part of the foot from the toes to the heel. 

Plantar fasciitis is a kind of the inflammation of the plantar fascia which is usually caused by poor foot biomechanics, old Injuries, postpartum, hypermobility, poor workout form, etc

If you are running with heel strikers, you may feel plantar fasciitis commonly, which also results in excess pounding on the plantar fascia. 

In plantar fasciitis, anything producing more pronation of the foot falling in of the arch, or flattening of the foot in that it will put excess pressure on the plantar fascia that can cause plantar fasciitis. 

Getting improper orthotics or overuse of orthotics may also cause the plantar fascia irritation. 

So, applying graston technique is helpful for plantar fasciitis since the treatment helps break up scar tissue, decrease inflammation, reduce pain and restore normal motion of the foot. 

Because of its effectiveness, you will see quick results, and the effects are long-lasting even when dealing with a chronic condition. 

On the other side, graston technique itself is a new, non-invasive treatment for soft-tissue injuries such as the inflammation on specific muscle 

This graston scraping massage has been praised by numerous athletes and it is gaining popularity outside of the world of sports.

The use of graston technique is usually used on tight muscles or adhesions to boost up new blood flow to the area and facilitate healing fast. 

Using graston massage will highly be successful for the treatment of fascial restrictions, such as in muscle and tendon dysfunction. 

Having plantar fasciitis may be debilitating where you may feel sharp, stabbing pain underneath the foot, in which the first few steps will be painful in the morning. 

In the long term, plantar fasciitis can be a chronic issue which is really tough to get rid of. 

To solve the issue, you may have tried night splints, physical therapy, orthotics but the result is not what you expect. 

You may need to try graston therapy which is good at specializing and precising soft tissue technique since it is a great way to specifically target the inflammation and pain associated with plantar fasciitis. 

What is the Graston Technique for Plantar Fasciitis? 

When talking about the graston technique and plantar fasciitis, the scraping massage on specific muscles helps to decrease inflammation and promote blood flow. 

This new blood flow has brought new oxygen and new cells to help heal and clean up waste then eliminate inflammatory chemicals. 

So, the graston technique for pain therapy can be more effective as healing treatment.

How to Do Graston as Clinical Conditions Treatment

When performing graston technique, the area that needs graston therapy is often riddled with scar tissue or trigger points 

And, those points may generally be uncomfortable when they are rubbed with graston technique. 

In the process, you may feel discomfort with this therapy 

But, if you have tried this type of treatment, you may say a hurt is so good kind of feeling.

Doing graston technique may result in a side effect such as a reddish dotted-petechiae, which is used to describe blood stasis in the area. 

It is caused by graston which is literally translated to scraping for blood stasis so red dotted petechiae or bruising can occur in the area that is being treated as a side effect. 

If you have right heel pain and you may feel classic plantar fasciitis symptoms such as sharp stabbing pain sometimes aching, worse with first steps in the morning, and such issues increase with exercise such as running and yoga, you need to practice graston technique. 

And, if you have Achille’s tendinopathy, you may firstly need to do exercises at home to increase big toe mobility on the right to allow for push-off of the right foot 

You need to do this for mobilization of the plantar fascia and prevention of scar tissue formation. 

If you do it regularly, the pain may dramatically decrease after just one Graston treatment. 

An ankle mobility, glute activation and core stability are also addressed to prevent re-exacerbation and reinjury. 

Again, graston technique was used to release the plantar fascia and decrease inflammation. 

Practically, this technique needs the use of small stainless steel instruments to apply progressive, targeted pressure to the plantar fascia. 

When scraping the muscle, the targeted pressure is needed to break up adhesions in the inflamed, damaged arch, as well as improving blood flow and encouraging the regeneration of healthy tissue. 

Benefits of Graston Technique

Generally, the main point treatment of graston technique relies on soft tissue in which it is most used in conditions affecting tendons and muscles. 

Because of the effectiveness for healing treatment, graston technique may lead to accelerated recovery time which needs minimized amount of treatment time in the process. 

As you know your movement is vital and scar tissue, inflammation, pain lead to limited movement. 

Doing less movement means adding stagnant blood 

If it continues in a vicious cycle, treating such issues with graston will help to restore motion and therefore normal function. 

Doing graston technique include the type of stainless-steel instrument which comes in all shapes and sizes 

This shape is made perfectly for dealing with all areas of the body where the tiny point crevices in the wrist, broad muscles of the lower back or long plane of the Achilles.

Conclusion of Self Graston Plantar Fasciitis

Graston therapy is very similar to other massaging therapies for plantar fasciitis that function to break up adhesions and improve blood flow to the injured fascia where you can use it as home remedy. 

Graston technique offers a highly targeted pressure therapy with specialized instruments. 

Using a rolling pin, golf ball, or mobility ball as massaging technique is also helpful in breaking up adhesions and improving blood flow 

Some people find additional benefits in targeted massage and where you need to apply highly targeted pressure on the muscle.

Some people feel significant pain relief in the days and weeks after applying graston therapy because their blood flow improves and adhesions and scar tissue break down after the treatment.

Meanwhile, some people may experience only mild discomfort after the treatment with graston technique 

And, some people also feel the painful process as the increased pressure is applied with graston instruments.

When you apply graston technique, you may feel common side effects such as bruising, redness and soreness in the days following the procedure. 

The effectiveness of graston technique has been proven and it is more effective than simple self-massage with a golf ball or mobility ball. 

When graston technique is compared with many plantar fasciitis treatments, this technique is non-invasive and inexpensive with few side effects. 

Basically, graston therapy and other massage and pressure treatments must be supplemented with treatments targeting the root cause of plantar fasciitis. 

In line with this, treating plantar fasciitis symptoms without treating the source of your foot and heel pain may result in a chronic condition or worsening symptoms. 

For initial prevention, you can do simple daily stretches into your routine to strengthen the plantar fascia and surrounding muscles and ligaments 

Wearing orthotic inserts to lift the damaged fascia to its optimal height while easing pain, in which it will also address other pain spots such as ill-fitting footwear, insufficient rest for your feet during the day, or getting weight gain that may add strain on your arches. 

As a daily treatment, you can perform graston massage once a day, when you feel your foot hurting after long periods of standing, or walking. 

Although, graston massage is usually practiced by a professional, you can easily practice it to yourself when you are sitting down at your home. 

In conclusion, graston massage is an easy and highly useful treatment for plantar fasciitis since it focuses on the plantar area 

Also, applying graston technique regularly is helpful in eliminating pain, as well as helping plantar fasciitis healing process. 

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