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How to Redeem Xbox Code on Xbox One?

To redeem xbox gift card or prepaid code, click on ‘use a code’ on the Xbox web page.
Go to Games then see and choose ‘use a code’ option.

For those who use Kinect console to redeem xbox code, you can alternatively use the QR code on your xbox gift card by holding it up to the Kinect sensor precisely.

About Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Gift Cards

Before talking about how to get free xbox live gold and xbox game pass code with no cc or human verification, you may have to know what xbox gift card really is

Xbox always offers an inherent feature that can be an online gaming via Xbox Live as the main feature that allows their users to compete with other players online.
Xbox Live here is available for free that is called Xbox Live Free

The paid version is called Xbox Live Gold where their users can subscribe to monthly or annually with specific price.

Some benefits are offered by Xbox Live Gold that you can see from these features
An Access of private chat among players online
Compete with players online
Matchmaking, also called Smartmatch
Cloud Space for storing files
Option of broadcasting one’s own gameplay
Exclusive access to special offers, Games with Gold, and Video Kinect
Free video games
Early access to game demos compared to regular users
Discount up to 75% in the Xbox Store every week

Xbox Game Pass is a product of Microsoft dedicated to Xbox One users around the world which offers a new subscription service to allow them to access more than 200 games on Xbox One paid for a flat monthly fee

Moreover, they can also access to a catalog of games developed from a range of publishers paid for a single monthly subscription price

With Xbox Game Pass service, they can download the full game to their console with continuous full-fidelity gameplay without having to worry about streaming, bandwidth or connectivity issues

Besides, they can have an unlimited access to over 100 Xbox One and Xbox 360 games with Xbox Game Pass subscription activation

For those who have Xbox game pass membership subscription activated monthly, they must pay £7.99 for a month subscription

They can firstly sign up for a 14-day free trial where they must try it before the payment starts from xbox

After the 14-days trial has ended during the xbox game membership lasts. they can cancel it at that month

This day, Xbox Game Pass is only available to all Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox One X users and to subscribe to Xbox game pass service, they must get an Xbox Live account activated firstly

For you to know is that Microsoft is in the development of a bundling subscription services between Xbox live gold subscription and Xbox game pass subscription service into a single subscriptions that is called Xbox game pass ultimate service

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription allows Xbox users around the globe to get the best of both service in a single package

For Xbox users who want to subscribe to Xbox game pass service they must pay $14.99 for monthly subscription

And, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription service includes Xbox One X, Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass in one package the price of subscription is $34.99 monthly

On the other words, if you have Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service you will save about $5 monthly for both services


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