Best Gua Sha Tools for Double Chin and Jawline

How to Use Self Gua Sha to Get Rid of Double Chin and Jawline

Today, everyone might have known that Gua Sha or some people say gwaa-shaa is an ancient Eastern massage practice with a flat tool to be used to press and pull it across the skin to increase blood flow. 

The function of this all about is to help drain the lymphatic system, ease muscle tension and help with symptoms of chronic pain and inflammation.

As you age to older, your skin under your chin can start to lose elasticity in that you will really notice the difference in your jawline and just under your chin

If you are the one who has a small frame on the face and wants to have a jawline in a chiseled one, applying Gua Sha to your Jaw skin area is a good idea 

You might have tried some efforts to make your jawline and chin look beautiful by applying zappy microcurrent facials, intense facial massages, sweaty mustard baths and in the end, all it took was a piece of porcelain.

The idea of applying Gua Sha to make your jaw and chin beautiful is to do a light pressure to release fascial and muscular tension and move sluggish lymph fluid on the skin area. 

For the first result, you can try this Gua Sha technique within 60-minute treatment, where you may see your neck look longer and thinner 

If you can do this regularly in a month or so you will get your jawline cut a sharper silhouette. 

Believe or not, there is no official study to feel the benefit after getting skin treatment with this GUa Sha tools

According to this, most people who have practically applied this technique are getting satisfied since they notice their skin looks smoother and more lifted after one session. 

Doing Gua Sha as a skin treatment is safe as long you do not have blood coagulation, platelet issues, or current skin rashes. 

Moreover, applying Gua Sha is fun and you will feel even more relaxing than it sounds. 

You can perform Gua Sha neckline routine at home, in which for each step, repeat all strokes five times, slowly, with gentle pressure.

For the first process of applying Gua Sha for skin treatment of the face area, you can place the flat side of the board flush against the base of the back of your neck 

At the same time, you can stroke it upward along your spine to your hairline then stroke upward on either side of your spine, from the top of each shoulder to the hairline.

Continue to position the flat side of Gua Sha board on the top of the shoulder 

And, stroke it upward to where your jaw meets your ear in which you must do it once again on the other side.

Then, put the curved notch of Gua Sha board where your collar bones meet 

In the meantime, you can then proceed to drag it up the midline of the throat up to your chin. 

At this session, you can redo on each side of the throat. 

Again, place the notch of Gua Sha board where it will hug the center point of your chin 

During this process, you can continue to glide it along the edge of your jaw toward each ear.

Afterward, continue to run the flat side of Gua Sha board under one cheekbone, from the corner of your mouth toward your ear and make sure to do that action on the other side.

In the coming days, you will enjoy the process of doing Gua Sha technique to your face skin area For Gua Sha tool to apply for skincare, you can use a jade roller where you can roll a cold jade roller to help with lymphatic drainage and to de-puff. 

In related to Gus Sha tool for your skin care, you can start using a flat jade stone with different edges to massage, de-puff and basically shape your face and neck. 

Generally, some Gua Sha tools are made out of porcelain, while the most popular ones are made out of crystals like rose quartz and jade. 

In line with this, applying Gua Sha as traditional massage is a much stronger effect than rollers 

It is caused by the nature of the technique and the different angles on the tool that can be used to focus on specific sections of skin and muscle. 

Also, it can de puff, lift and help your muscles release any tension instantly.

If you are confused to choose the right Gua Sha tool, make sure that it has at least 2 different grooves, which will easily target areas like the jawline and cheeks when it is used for face skincare. 

Today, the facial gua sha is a modified version using much more gentle, relaxing movements which are more appropriate for the delicate skin on your face.

When having your facial treatment, the motions of upward and outward of facial gua sha tools are applied to increase circulation while lifting and firming the skin, potentially leading to a smoother complexion and more sculpted features. 

By practicing Gua Sha, the depuffing happens really quickly because since it works on the lymphatic system to remove any stagnant lymph from the tissue 

Also, the lifting, toning and firming will be felt after doing your Gua Sha at the right way.

At this point, you will see a fairly swift improvement in areas like the cheekbones and under-eye areas, and it may take a little more time to see a drastic difference in fine lines and wrinkles. 

The key to get the best results of doing Gua Sha is to repeat the process over time, where you will see a really big reduction in those chronic expressions being etched into the face 

In accordance with this, the right massaging technique with Gua Sha can help reduce tension and knots in the face, neck and shoulders, making it a great option for anyone dealing with headaches, sinus congestion, allergies or jaw issues. 

Doing Gua Sha in the long term is like a meditation where you will get the physical benefits, and you will feel a deeply relaxing self-care ritual that soothes the nervous system 

Step by step to Do Gua Sha for Chin and Jaw as Skin Care

Furthermore, herein the post, you will learn a quick guide to get you started for facial skin treatment with Gua Sha technique 

  1. First things to do is to lubricate your skin a bit before starting Gua Sha for facial treatment

You can do it with either a moisturizer, facial oil or serum which will really help the stone glide smoothly when pulling the skin of your face area.

  1. Always start from the base of your neck 

At this phase, just take the flat side of the tool and move upwards towards your chin, while applying a good amount of pressure on that area. 

In the meantime, make sure to hold it as flat as you can while keeping a solid grip. 

During the process, you must repeat on all sides of your neck gently.

  1. Once doing Gua Sha to the base of your chin, you can then take the flat edge and sweep upwards towards your cheekbones. 

As a consideration, you can carry a lot of tension in your jaw where you use the tool to ease any muscle knots there, and you will see that it works wonders as you expect 

  1. Anyway, using the smaller angles on your Gua Sha tool will make you ease to get into the angles of your face 

Just notice that make sure to always do the sides and sweep upwards then continue to under your eyes, forehead, cheeks etc

For personal perspective, you can try enjoying doing this in the evenings before you go to bed since you will feel relax at that time

Plus, you will start to see the benefits such as de-puffing and your face is more defined then. 

For the dreaded double chin, start taking Gua Sha tool and go over your neck and lift the skin under your chin and you will find it is more taunt and defined as well. 

What makes your jaw and chin need to be Gua Sha massaged since you usually do repeated actions like looking down on your mobile or just bad posture can contribute to sagging skin under the neck 

Thus, it is never too early to start being proactive like having your facial treatment with Gua Sha on your own at home 

From now on, start your jawline to get rid of any muscle knots and tension with Gua Sha tool and feel in a good mood after doing it.

How to Choose a Gua Sha Tool To Massage Your Chin and Jaw

In general, most of Gua Sha tools are made of a stone but you have to choose the quality ones among others

Jade Gua Sha Stones Types

For luxurious ones, you can start with the Nefeli White Jade Stone and the dark green Nephrite Jade Gua Sha by Cecily Braden. 

The other options are The White Lotus Jade Gua Sha and The Mount Lai Gua Sha in Rose Quartz since they are made from many different materials, including carved animal bones, jade, water buffalo horn, and rose quartz.

Basically, jade rollers are the more commonly used for beauty tool this day which functions to promote healthy lymphatic drainage

These jade rollers are used to calm the skin and promote healthy lymph flow where Gua sha does the same and so much more which will give you an instant lift by de-puffing and releasing tension. 

However, the results are based upon the pressure, control, and movement that you can get with a Gua Sha tool with more varied and powerful. 

In line with this, you may have known a little bit of  Gua Sha tools, in which you can start using a green juice 

  1. Nephrite Jade Stone

Besides, if you really want to go into the world of gua sha, you can also try to use a professional-grade tool made of high-quality nephrite jade, which is known for its healing properties.

Then, if you want to get a more budget-friendly gua sha tool, you can go with a slightly more streamlined design.

2. Wildling Empress Stone

Wildling Empress Stone Gua Sha tool also offers a more traditional-shaped tool with a unique comb-shaped edge to invigorate the flat surfaces of the face. 

You can select the variations of this gua sha tools which are available in a three-piece set including a facial oil and tonic that are designed specifically for gua sha.


Some Gua Sha practitioners agreed that gua sha is safe for more skin types 

You can go with this Gua Sha technique even if you have inflamed skin due to rosacea or acne where you should either work around those spots or wait until the inflammation subsides. 


You may not use this Gua Sha if you undergo sunburned skin 

And, if you use retinol or frequent chemical exfoliators, you may not use this Gua Sha for extra cautious. 

Summary of Gua Sha for Double Chin and Jawline

As you see in the social medias that gua sha isn’t necessarily new, where this Gua Sha technique as skin care has seemed to spike in interest especially for women. 

The main point of this post is to give you tutorial of how to use gua sha on your chin and jawline so it can be concluded that before putting Gua Sha tool on your facial skin area, it is better to begin by applying a facial mist or oil and then moving the stone in outward, upward motions with light to medium pressure. 

During in the process of gua sha for your chin and jaw, be sure to remember these things to get optimum result

  1. Always make sure to keep Gua Sha stone flat against your skin rather than using the pointed edges. 
  2. During the process, remember to start with the neck, then move on to the jaw, the under-eye
  3. Do that action routinely three times a week for around 15 minutes for the best results. 

From the past to present, some people also have more to devote to their skin care routine, so applying a technique like gua sha might seem more manageable to incorporate. 

It is caused by most people are typically looking to save time on their skin care routines 

But with doing this Gua Sha, they find the ritual to be worth the extra 15 minutes in daily routine.

Here, you are not only putting time into something that is going to promote vitality and the visual appearance of your skin, but it actually feels good for everyone enjoying the Gua Sha process.

You will get the feeling to your daily lives starting to return to a sense of normalcy.

Once performing facial gua sha for the first time, you may be addicted and want to come back to get the visual benefits of taking care of your skin since it can promote relaxation and higher body, which is just so needed especially for women today.

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