Best Gua Sha Tools for De-Bloat Depuffing Face

Beginner`s Guide Gua Sha to Detox Puffiness and Anti Aging or Ageing Can Detox release toxins to depuff your face? To answer such question, you must firstly read all these tips If you are a woman, you are like most women out there who are aware of the signs of aging such as wrinkles, sagging, … Read more

Best Myofascial Release Tools for TMJ/TMD Jaw Pain Relief

Myofascial Release on the Jaw for TMJ and Headaches Related to the solution of TMJ disorder with massaging therapy, this post will specifically discuss how Myofascial Release can help you relieve TMJ pain.  For alternative massaging techniques to relieve TMJ, there is myofascial release that can be said as a bodywork technique using a longer … Read more

5 Best Gua Sha Tools to Sculpt and Contour Face Slimming

Does Gua Sha Help with a Slim Face? Some women have tried and proven gua sha that it is good for face slimming  Especially women face puff up caused by lymph and water retention, which mars the outline of the face and makes it look round and plump.  It is why facial treatment with Gua … Read more