5 Best Gua Sha Tools to Sculpt and Contour Face Slimming

Does Gua Sha Help with a Slim Face?

Some women have tried and proven gua sha that it is good for face slimming 

Especially women face puff up caused by lymph and water retention, which mars the outline of the face and makes it look round and plump. 

It is why facial treatment with Gua is needed to de-puff the face 

And, it will also help the drainage of lymph and water from the face. 

For the first days of applying Gua Sha, your face loses lots of fluids, and you will see visible changes on the face. 

If you suffer fluid from the face, you can try Gua Sha to slim your face. 

But you must do Gua Sha therapy regularly to make it true.

Well, if you are a woman you may dream of having a sculpted face with well-defined jawlines and high cheekbones. 

On the other side, not every face has lymph and water retained under the skin. 

For most women, they normally have perfectly detoxed facial skin. 

But some have fat under the skin, that hides the facial contours. 

What cannot Gua Sha do is to dissolve or remove fat under the skin. 

That is the main reason why some women feel Gua Sha does not slim the face.

So, if you have fluid retention on your face, you can expect the face to slim out 

And, if you have fat, you may not experience any slimming of the face.

Primarily, Gua Sha on the body is mainly therapeutic, that is to relieve pain and stress buildup. 

If you try one session of Gua Sha and feel excellent relief, there is no need to repeat. 

Based on the seriousness, gua sha can be done daily or alternate days. 

But do not perform the quick repetition of Gua Sha if the skin is inflamed because it is body scraping 

And, doing Gua Sha daily may be painful, unless you use a very smooth and round-edged tool. 

You can use gua sha everyday if you need to relieve and destress the facial muscles 

Do facial gua sha daily if you need the intent sinus or lymph drainage as the daily routine can continue till complete relief is felt, then you can switch to thrice or twice a week. 

But if your wrinkles have set in and the skin sags perceptibly, you may need to do facial gua sha every day.

If your facial skin is reasonably good and you simply want to maintain it that way, you can do facial Gua Sha thrice or twice in a week. 

Anyway, Gua Sha is a kind of a safe therapy with no side effects or long term after-effects. 

The effect will just be bruises that may appear as the treatment involves scraping of the skin, and sometimes there can be capillary damages too. 

But, these bruises will generally disappear in a few days. 

What Can You Do with Gua Sha to Slim Your Face?

Gua sha or gwah saah is a tool to scrape the skin to increase blood circulation and heal the body. 

In gua sha massage, you essentially scrape all of that water and lymph under your skin to the edges of your face and pull it down your neck to drain. 

Doing that action moves all the blood around under your skin, so you will feel your face getting plump with fresh, new blood to the surface.

Generally, Gua Sha helps to increase the blood flow in your face which will have many benefits from decreasing inflammation, adding a glowy look to the skin, anti-aging, and helping you slim your face. 

It also helps lymphatic drainage in that lymphatic fluid is basically all the fluid coming from your lymph nodes that hasn’t quite made its way back to the cardiovascular system. 

To solve this, massaging the skin will help drain that fluid from your face

On the other hand, gua sha may just save your dry, winter skin, when you push all of those toxins out of your face, your skin begins to plump up with moisture as it is not weighed down anymore. 

Surely, gua sha is basically a miracle worker since it can help to reduce breakouts and helps with anti-aging. 

It is caused by all that lymphatic drainage lurking in your skin is bound where it will cause some buildup 

This circumstance will then lead to acne, texture, and dullness in the skin. 

If you do gua sha massage on that area, it brings elasticity and brightness to the skin. 

Be sure to use a firmer pressure to tackle fine lines and wrinkles in your skin. 

Gua sha itself helps you add facial contours, where you simply practice it by scraping your gua sha stone across your cheeks, and you will notice facial contours you never knew you had before. 

Well, this slimming effect may only be temporary, over time, but getting the blood circulating and moving around all that lymphatic drainage can only have a real result if you are trying to slim down your face by gua sha everyday. 

How to Slim Face with Gua Sha by Self?

Long time ago, Chinese women used beauty tools such as Gua Sha for face slimming. 

And, it can be said that Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese beauty tool looking like a smooth flat pebble that is used to massage and scrape the skin to improve blood circulation.

Using Gua Sha regularly will brighten, tone and tighten your skin making your face appear more sculpted and less puffy. 

Gua sha also assists with lymphatic drainage and stimulates collagen production to postpone wrinkles causing aging for women especially. 

If you enjoy your leisure at home while massaging yourself especially for the face area, you can do gua sha massage after either the serum, moisturizer, or oil step of your routine. 

Applying either the serum, moisturizer, or oil step to your skin will help the stone glide across the skin effortlessly and smoothly. 

Since you want to push all these toxins out of your face, make sure to decongest your neck before you start pushing all the gunk down it. 

Starting in three different sections which are both sides and directly under your chin, then run the tool toward your face for about five to 10 strokes. 

Later on, change to a sweeping motion by scraping the gua sha tool from the middle of your chin to right under your ear on your jawline and repeat five to ten times based on how excited you are to hop into bed. 

Make sure to do the other side then continue up the face by scraping the gua sha from the corner of your mouth to your ears, under your ears, and just above your eyebrows. 

You will feel so relaxed that you will be wishing you could rub that thing over your face for hours. 

While massaging your face area, you can add some firm pressure. 

Obviously, if some redness or little red dots appear, that is normal and it will disappear by itself in the next few days. 

Redness or bruises means that the gua sha is bringing blood to the surface, so all you do in scraping is doing its job 

Believe it or not, in Chinese medicine “qi” or “chi” is energy flowing through your body and every person will have optimum health and wellbeing 

At this point, their qi must be balanced and flowing freely. 

If there is stagnant qi it is the possible cause of health conditions. 

So, the rubbing skin’s surface is needed to help break up this energy, encouraging it to flow freely and promote healing by itself. 

In accordance with this, scraping your skin surface with gua sha is believed to move energy around the body 

This process will lead to clearer, younger, and healthier skin as gua sha is used to stimulate specific energy lines and points which ultimately creates a beautiful lift in the face. 

If you think the explanation above is too long, you can read this simple step of slimming your face with gua sha massage 

  1. First step is to clean your face and neck 
  2. Apply 4-10 drops of facial oil to your face 
  3. Start to scrape gua sha tool up your neck on both sides 
  4. Continue to scrape from the middle of your chin up your jawline 
  5. Then, sweep over your cheeks finishing at the hairline 
  6. Go to sweep over your eyebrow and up towards your hairline 
  7. Again, gently scrape from between the eyebrows up to the hairline
  8. Finally, you can continue to gently scrape from the middle of your forehead to the hairline 


Be sure to repeat the sweep on the other side of your face and each area between 3-10 times before moving on to the next part of the face. 

Always remember to keep the tool flat against your face. 

You can add more oil if you feel it start to drag or pull on your skin. 

What Gua Sha Tools are Used to Face Slim?

Every type of gua sha tool is shaped differently, in which you must find the side that works best for the different contours of your face. 

You can find one with the divet side to fit your face contours like under your eyes, your cheeks, and on your chin 

And, you can take the curved side for your forehead and down your neck and chest.

On the other side, a special importance of gua sha material is placed on the type of stone that is used for the skin scraping treatment. 

In ancient medicine, people usually used Gua Sha tools made from coins, pieces of tin, or any object with a sharp edge that could scrape the skin. 

But now, gua sha are made from stone, and the type of stone that is used is significant for the condition it aims to treat. 

According to this, the most popular stones for gua sha are jade, rose quartz and amethyst.

Related to gua sha tools, both a gua sha stone and a jade roller can be beneficial. 

The user of a jade roller is amazing for helping products like serums and oils sink more deeply into your skin. 

You can use a jade roller to apply your eye creams at night as well as on top of sheet masks to help all that goodness soak in 

Gua sha itself is more for massage than products where you can use it to help you pull out all those toxins in your skin at a deeper level than the jade roller does. 

If you are confused to choose the right tool for gua sha massage, make sure to read this guide as your consideration before using gua sha tool to your face area 

  1. Jade Stone

In the past of Chinese medicine, jade represents health, wealth, longevity and prosperity in which it also is believed to draw out negative energy. 

It is caused by jade quickly and easily warms up to the body’s temperature which helps to restore harmony to the skin, relaxing the nervous system and eliminating toxins. 

You can use it in the morning since it has revitalising energy. 

  1. Rose Quartz Stone

Meanwhile, unlike jade, Rose Quartz is a stone that stays cool which is a good choice for reducing redness, wrinkles, puffiness and inflammation. 

Using rose quartz will help you reduce wrinkles and fight signs of ageing. 

Moreover, rose quartz is the best stone for soothing and is often used at night to calm the skin before you are going to sleep. 

Rose Quartz also signifies love and positivity, removes dead skin cells and promotes healing when it is used in the right way.  

  1. Amethyst Stone

Except rose quartz, Amethyst is used to balance yin yang energy and it is to ward off negativity and stress. 

Amethyst stone is usually used to raise the skin’s temperature slightly and to improve circulation. 

Because such stone carries a negative charge so it can draw positively charged toxins and free radicals from your skin. 

So, if you like massaging your face and want to get rid of wrinkles, choosing amethyst stone can be a good choice as it is as a detoxifying power 

Also, amethyst stone is an excellent option to reduce acne or blemish-prone skin since it prevents bacterial growth and tightens pores. 

Massaging your face with an amethyst stone and putting it in contact with the face is also believed to increase concentration and mental clarity. 

  1. Bian Gua Sha Stone

Using Bian Stone is good for skin rejuvenation as this stone has over 40 minerals and trace elements. 

Bian Stone also has heat-storing and antioxidant properties 

Using this kind of stone as a massaging tool will help you to stimulate circulation, and relax muscles. 

If you have a skin that has been depleted, using this stone will be a good choice. 

You can feel yourself when putting bian stone on the face will enhance mental focus and clarity.

  1. Scolecite Gua Sha Tool

Additionally, scolecite gua sha will be the best use for acupressure as it comes in the form of a wand. 

And, it is primarily used in acupressure treatments to get rid of a space of negative energy 

Plus, this type of gua sha tool is used to detoxify and decongest skin in which it is especially effective at reducing puffiness. 


There are so many benefits that you can get by applying gua sha in daily basis

Except helping to slim your face, gua sha itself has other advantages as follows: 

  1. Gua sha increases blood circulation
  2. Gua sha assists to drain lymph fluid and reduce wrinkles
  3. Besides, it also helps you tighten your skin and prevent sagging 
  4. It helps reduce dark circles around the eyes in which it is good as anti aging treatment 
  5. Doing gua sha also helps you brighten complexion and it is to help skincare products to be absorbed better 
  6. As it promotes healing of broken skin, it helps reduce acne and rosacea as well

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