Choose Best Gua Sha Tools for Facial Self Care

A Beginner’s Guide to Gua Sha For Facial Treatment

Make sure you read gua sha for for natural face lifting tutorial then continue to go here for your gua sha practice for your face

For the common things, Gua sha is usually used to relieve pain on your back, buttocks, neck, arms, and legs. 

If you are a woman who likes beauty treatment, you can  use Gua Sha on the face as a facial care. 

When doing gua sha on your face, make sure to apply mild pressure on the face skin area, then increase the intensity of the pressure gradually to determine how much force you can handle during the gua sha facial process.

Everytime, you have showered, your skin will be relaxation moment that will be good for skin care massage

To use gua sha as facial treatment, always use a good natural oil such as the Hemp oil which is rich in Omega 3 essential fatty acid that is useful to help the skin relax and the entire body at the same time. 

As you might have known, Gua sha is a traditional medical treatment which was firstly developed in China in the past where this massage method focuses on the skin that is scraped to produce light petechiae to stimulate new oxygenated blood flow to the areas that will help recover that areas fast. 

From the terminology, the term Gua Sha itself comes from two parts: which are ‘gua’ meaning scraping and ‘sha’ meaning redness of skin. 

There is no doubt that China traditions have gained traction in recent years when it comes to natural beauty treatment. 

Generally, gua sha technique is sometimes referred to as scraping, spooning or coining 

You can say that Gua Sha is a treatment of scraping a flat jade or rose quartz stone over the skin in upward strokes that will function to relax stiff muscles and promote tissue drainage.

At first, applying Gua Sha technique may feel a little painful, then the more you practice, the less painful it gets 

It is caused by the inflammation is reduced, easing away discomfort, tension, and puffiness after scraping the skin with Gua Sha tools. 

Practically, to scrape the skin repeatedly with this method, you can use a Stainless steel scraping board to make the skin become expansion and contraction.

On the other words, gua sha uses a flat tool which is usually made of stone or stainless steel to treat pain and certain illnesses with a fast and slightly aggressive scraping motion that often leaves red marks on the skin.

For the first time of applying gua sha, you may feel unhealthy bodily matter from blood stasis within sore, tired, stiff or injured muscle areas to stimulate new oxygenated blood flow to the areas 

Later on, this activity will promote metabolic cell repair, regeneration, healing and recovery. 

The Benefit of Gua Sha Massage 

Gua Sha answers your question of how to get a better full body massage tool

When you feel so sore on muscles, aches and pains, and old injuries, you may need to apply this method 

Scraping the skin area with pain with the Gua Sha tool, it will keep you from living a full, active lifestyle, and it helps you feel better all over.

In daily basis, your bodies experience stress in the form of shoulders may mostly be caused of working on front of a computer 

Furthermore, headaches from tension may cause your face to hold stress in the form of furrowed brows or clenched jaws. 

This is why facial Gua Sha is a massage technique designed to relieve tension in the muscles of the face, boost blood circulation, and encourage lymphatic drainage to banish bloat. 

Applying Gua Sha on your face regularly can help break up fascia, the connective tissue that hugs muscles but can sometimes interfere with optimal circulation.

Eventhough Gua Sha have not been clinically studied, some people mostly get their skin look smoother and lifted after one session. 

And with frequent repetition, those people used to apply this technique as being a part of their comprehensive skin routine.

Applying gua sha regularly will accelerate blood circulation and metabolism to make the skin tissue more elastic, so that it can eliminate the lactic acid from your muscle that will also recover you from fatigue.

For that reason, many professional athletes and celebrities usually practice this method of massage with Stainless steel tools to make them stay healthy and beautiful.

On the other side, Gua Sha also revitalizes, rejuvenates, helps diminish stress, fatigue and severe exhaustion that you feel in your body. 

Some also said that Gua Sha also helps release emotions, relaxes the body and helps to clear the mind and senses. 

It can be said that this Gua Sha is a simple treatment with incredible result 

Incredibly, Gua Sha is also effective for many ailments whereby it has been used in China and South East Asia for thousands of years.

Gua Sha can help migraines and neck pains, among other symptoms. 

Additionally, Gua sha also helps to improve the function of the skin which helps with many skin conditions such as deep lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, rosacea, acne, acne scars, pigmentation, dark circles, puffiness. 

Also, it retrains the muscles of the face, relaxing them, strengthening, lifting and toning..

Some people also added that they feel so addicted to this facial massage with Gua Sha which give them receive a mini facelift 

Although you are an individual with daily activities, the beauty of this therapy is that you can learn and do it on yourself at home and shift your skin in a major way. 

What are Gua Sha Scraping Tools for Facial Treatment?

If you read above description, it is highly recommended that applying Gua Sha will get fast impact with the use of Gua Sha tools 

As a full body massager, the use of Gua Sha tools is a great way of scraping the injured skin area in which most Gua Sha tools come along with a double beveled edge running completely around the tool. 

The use of the Gua Sha tool correctly will be great for working around the shoulder, knee, arm, neck, calve, and around small to medium muscles.

Gua Sha tool also helps target larger muscle groups which are in the back, lats, chest, upper arms, upper and lower legs. 

It is caused by some Gua Sha made of metal tool is the proper scale to give you the intended tissue stroke and provide the relief that your body needs. 

Whether you are a massage practitioner, athlete or just an active individual, you must have Gua Sha tools to take care of your body that will change your life.

Applying Gua Sha tool is also effective to relieve sore muscles which will provide you with instant muscle relief, improved flexibility and faster recovery. 

How Does Gua Sha Work on Face Therapy

The main point of Gua Sha is to help your skin to be more efficient where the scraping with Gua Sha tool will release and clear toxic stagnant lymph and remove blockages and adhesions from the shoulders, neck, and face. 

By creating space, it means creating flow. 

For specific explanation of that statement, with the presence of blockages that can be said to be tension knots and stagnation, there is no space for blood movement, for flow, so that the skin is not able to function as it should. 

Later on, if there is no space for flow of oxygen, blood, Qi and chi energy, lymph and nutrients, the skin starts to suffer because of this matter. 

Because of this, the scar tissue are on your skin needs to be scraped with this technique to trigger blood flows as it should be

If you want to get your face skin brighter and healthier, you may need to try Gua Sha technique that you can do by gently scraping on your face skin area with smooth Gua Sha tool

Generally, you can apply Gua Sha all over your body to improve blood circulation, which can also relieve muscle and joint pain as well as more severe conditions. 

Since Gua Sha increases your blood flow, vital for your general health, the oxygen can pass to your vital organs efficiently as well as to your skin especially for face skin and extremities such as your hands and feet.

In addition, Gua Sha can also boost your immune system whereby the increased blood flow can move bacteria and toxins away and out of your body via the lymphatic system. 

Acupuncture practitioners may usually scrape and rub the scar tissue to release stagnant blood and toxins.

In order to not bruise your skin, make sure to scrape it gently and carefully 

How to Do Self Gua Sha for Facial Treatment

Gua Sha facials treatments are often known as the Eastern facelift, which is caused by its contouring effect. 

Moreover, it also does wonders for getting rid of puffiness or under-eye discoloration, as it removes excess fluid and improves blood flow.

To perform Gua Sha in your face, you may use a stone called a Gua Sha stone which commonly comes in all types of shapes, sizes, and materials. 

Above description said that applying the Gua Sha method will help stimulate the immune system, detoxify, increase circulation, regulate organ function, normalize metabolic processes, remove stagnation and ease pain. 

Once applying this a Gua Sha treatment, if you get pain on your body part, you will feel a shift or release where your body may sweat automatically. 

That means it is to release toxins that have been inside the body. 

In order to use Gua Sha on your body at home, make sure to combine it with a body oil for lubrication. 

At this point, you may also be able to use a smooth-edged instrument and apply short or long strokes on the skin, which can typically be applied in the area of pain. 

As usual, the stroking will increase redness but this is a common thing, in which pain is frequently caused by the stagnation of blood in the local area of discomfort.

Anyway, if you are firstly applying this technique, it is best not to start out too strong.

First thing before applying this Gua Sha therapy, always never forget to apply your signature night recovery oil or any serum where it can help your skin absorb more of and this will also lubricate the skin, so you get gentle, sweeping strokes during the therapy with this Gua Sha.

Do light sweeps in an upward motion and try to keep the gua sha tool at a 15-degree angle to the skin which is almost flat but not quite. 

Doing this will cover more surface and give a gentle pull on the skin, which is also necessary for the correct technique. 

Besides having some benefits, Gua Sha is particularly helpful for lymphatic drainage in the face since you will not move the muscles in the face all that much. 

If you do the intentional movements of a facial massage, it will help you move the lymph through the system so that the skin will be a more toned and sculpted appearance.

Gua Sha massage also treats muscle pain and tight muscles by applying pressure with the Gua Sha tool. 

Doing this will end up with redness and bruising as you heal,  in which the results will be dramatic, and some have called it the best massage ever.

To apply Gua Sha for your face, you can firstly start to apply it under the chin by gliding from the middle of the soft under-chin out to the bottom of your earlobe three to five times

Later on, you can continue to massage your chin from the centre of the chin, just under where your lower lip is 

Here, you may apply it to gently sweep the smooth side of your Gua Sha out toward the earlobe three to five times.

Then, continue your cheeks from the corner of the nose, you can sweep out toward the middle ear three to five times.

Now going to your under-eye, you can apply Gua Sha only incredibly light and slow motions here as it is one of your most sensitive parts of the entire body. 

Be sure to use your smooth side, then sweep the Gua Sha over the under-eye area, where “eye bags” would appear, then getting all the way out to the temple and hairline. 

For better results, you may apply it three to five times.

Under eyebrow is the next part of your face that can be massaged with this technique

At this point, if you have winged Gua Sha, you will see how it can run along the brow bone here. 

During the process, make sure to avoid any pressure on the eye or eyelid itself and stay on the brow bone.  

At the same time, gently sweep the Gua Sha in one fluid motion towards the hairline in which repeating that action five times will give better results.

When applying Gua Sha to your face, it will be better to use light pressure for your faces as you will encourage blood flow and get good results with light strokes, without risking harm by going deeper.  

In line with this, all Gua Sha strokes should be done in one direction, not back and forth 

According to this, you can sweep, or glide but do not even rub as your face area is very sensitive and the way you stroke it is different to how you would tackle a thigh.

Once again, do said actions regularly to improve the look and feel of your skin and be Gua Sha to become an aesthetic treatment for your daily routine.

The treatment of facial may be the main point of the alleged amazing benefits, like preventing and treating saggy skin, brightening complexion, and healing dark circles, rosacea, and scarring. 

Again you can start to put carotene oil on your face before applying a jade Gua Sha tool then gently put pressure onto your skin and move it from your face and down your neck.

You can see yourself in the mirror to look at your face that gets clearer, younger, and healthier skin. Talking about Gua Sha, a practice involving moving a blunt, with a smooth instrument along specific energy lines to remove toxins from the lymphatic system. 

In addition, Gua Sha is an incredibly relaxing therapy where you need to perform gentle strokes to massage, manipulate and stimulate specific energy lines and points along the face. 

Performing this action will really help to promote healthy lymph flow by releasing toxins that have been stuck in the blood vessel. 

Also, it helps to iron out the fascia which is connective tissue in that it is affected by tension which creates a beautiful lift in the face.

Meanwhile, in order to do Gua Sha on your body, a Gua Sha tool and the right technique are important factors to get the best result. 

It is highly recommended that you must learn it firstly as well as knowing where to move your Gua Sha around your face and neck 

This first step of applying Gua Sha at yourself will be the main point when you want to do Gua Sha at home. 

Before doing Gua Sha on your own, you can apply these tips as in the following statements

  1. It is suggested to drink lots of water before and after to help rid those toxins from the body instantly
  2. Before starting to scrape the skin, it will be better to apply a product that has some slip, like a facial oil or serum.
  3. When applying Gua Sha on your face skin, you can start with the neck where you must start by opening up the neck and release tension from the neck in order to treat the face in which doing so will also bring energy up to the face.
  4. Once starting Gua Sha from the neck, you can continue to move to your face, which is starting at the jaw and working outward to move congestion away from the center of your face and down towards your jaw. 

While scraping it gently, just move your way up the face and repeat with your under-eyes, eyelids, and forehead. 

At this point, you can start scraping it to one side first where you can see the visible lift.

  1. In order to scrape your face skin area with Gua Sha technique, you can use your Gua Sha at a 15-degree angle or almost flat to the skin 

It is to make the stone come in contact with the skin which will benefit from its healing and rejuvenating properties.

  1. When scraping and pressing the skin, make sure to do it firmly on certain areas like the neck and jaw then scrape gently on the rest of the face skin areas which will give the best results.
  2. To comfort your face skin area when scraping, you can support your skin with the opposite hand while following through into the hairline.


During the face skin treatment with Gua Sha technique, it is recommended to do it a minimum of two to five times a week. 

Do it five minutes on each side by simplifying and doing the most basic routine, which will leads to beautiful results 

At the same time, you can take your time and focus more on areas of concern. 

Well, first thing that you must know before performing gua sha at home by yourself is having Gua Sha tools that you can purchase at the market online 

On the other words, you really need to get a gua sha stone to practice the technique at home, as well as your favorite facial mist and oil to apply beforehand in order to create some slip for the stone when doing a scraping skin process 

How to Choose Gua Sha Tools Types for Facial Treatment

There are many gua sha stones you need to cool down puffy, morning eyes or massage a tense neck. 

And if you may firstly consider to look to expand your arsenal for more various stones out there

Rollers VS Gua Sha Stones

In a massaging therapy, there are a lot of at-home facial tools and machines scattered at the market, ranging from high-tech buzzing things to old-school slabs of stone. 

Herein the article, we will stick to massaging tools which are made out of gemstones.

1. Roller 

This massaging tool is easy to use, for even the most beginner or newbie. 

This tool usually comes double-ended which can be said to be a tool for a larger stone for the jaw, forehead, and neck, and a smaller side for under-eyes and to carve out cheekbones.  

2. Gua sha stones

Gua sha stones usually come in all shapes and sizes but they usually tend to be flat stones in the form of scallops, dents, curves, or edges. 

These massaging tools are useful to manipulate skin, muscles, and lymph fluid. 

Be sure to choose a stone based on your expert level 

As your consideration, a general rule of thumb is the simpler the tool, the more beginner-friendly it will be

You can choose the other ones with more advanced stones that will have a few sides and textures so you can try different techniques. 

From those above descriptions, how to pick the stone which is right for your needs.

Well, related to the right gua sha stone used properly for your need, you can start with gemstones which hold a certain modern-day power. 

In line with this, you will be choosing to set an intention with the stone you pick, and sometimes that intention is all the power you need.

1. Rose Quartz

Rose quartz tool is the most common used by many people for massaging treatment 

For the shape, you will see this pastel pink stone in rollers and all shapes of gua sha stones. 

This massaging tool has gained popularity as it opens the heart chakra. 

Additionally, rose quartz may carry a small charge to help awaken the skin. 

It is also used to those who have issues with stagnation and also hyperpigmentation 

2. Jade

You may have heard jade as gua sha tool is not as commercially common as rose quartz 

Long time ago, traditional Chinese medicine regarded jade as the stone of heaven and represented health, wealth, longevity, and prosperity and it is believed to draw out negative energy. 

You can choose jade as your default crystal of choice when working on scraping the skin. 

Using jade as your massaging tool is good for inflammation and reducing redness. 

Also, is it useful to balance your face. 

You can try using jade gua sha as the stone is harder and the blades are thinner and easier to work with. 

3. Fire agate

Later on, fire agate as gua sha tool is a variety of chalcedony, which is a mineral of the quartz family.  

As you know that quartzes have a piezoelectric effect, where this can carry a small charge

And, the energy of a fire agate is different from clear or rose quartz

Using fire agate tool will be handy for helping calm irritated skin and acne 

On the other side, the striking red and orange stone is not as popular, so options are limited to find and  use.

4. Bian stone

Specially, this bian stone is demi-matte black stone hails from a mountain in China 

Historically, it was struck by a meteor and, which is thought to have notable, supercharged benefits  

Bian stone itself carries over 40 minerals and trace elements which can produce negative ions as well as having antioxidant properties 

You can use this stone on skin that has been depleted.

5. Scolecite 

Scolecite is the stone mostly used as a home décor element in which it is to rid space of negative energy. 

Usually, you can use the stone in the form of a wand, or a long, which is primarily used in acupressure. 

It is also used to detoxify and decongest skin. 

As you know that scolecite wands are another underutilized beauty tool. 

On the other words, scolecite is a softer stone, and wands can be used on acupressure points of the face, and the smooth side can gently decongest puffy eyes. 

For people who want to keep their healthy and prime time, they can try any massage method, and the stainless steel of Gua Sha massage tool is a good option.

In line with this, some Gua Sha tools are generally made of 100% stainless steel, durable, static free and most easy to clean, just by using a cloth.

And, if you are interested in looking more toned, glowy, and natural, less invasive ways, applying Gua Sha technique may be a good option 

In accordance with Gua Sha tools available on the market, some massive fans of the Jade Rollerand love how easy it is to use one 

However, for those who are looking for a deeper treatment, they may want to consider applying Gua Sha made of stainless to their routine activity. 

Well, performing the treatment on your own face and neck could potentially result in bruising or bursting capillaries, so it will be the best to leave things to the experts.

Actually, it is not a Jade Roller that can make your pain relieve, but the magic comes from regular use in daily basis 

Never expect to use a Gua Sha once and see colossal transformation to your body 


Gua sha itself focuses on addressing stagnant energy, which is commonly called chi energy in the body associated with inflammation. 

Inflammation later on can be said to be the cause of several conditions associated with chronic pain where the scar tissue area needs to be rubbed on the skin’s surface to break up this energy to reduce inflammation, and start the healing process.

Commonly, after applying gua sha, you may get a feel of light and clean on your body

Gua sha also gives the detoxifying effect that you can directly feel after the deep massage to improve your leg blood circulation and remove pain which is most often relieved with a 10 minutes massage using the gua sha stones 

With gua sha tool you can easily scrape the skin surface with short strokes to stimulate microcirculation of the soft tissue especially around your face and other body muscles 

As the above paragraphs describes the benefits of doing gua sha, this technique is great at giving anti aging on the face 

Also, you can do Gua Sha on the face, body, and scalp, and other area 

Make sure to oil on your skin, then hold the stone flat to the skin, under the eyes or over any redness, to soothe and de-puff. 

At the same time, use the curved side and work it over the skin while using short strokes to maintain the same direction, not back and forth.

Note that the stroke should be down the neck to drain the lymphatic system 

Do it in small horizontal strokes over the brow bone to lift then hold and press upwards between the brows to release tension on your muscle there. 

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