Best Graston IASTM for Bicep Tendonitis Sprains Self Therapy at Home

How Can Graston Technique Treat Soft Tissue? If you have complaints related to back and neck pain, achilles tendonitis/tendinosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, golfers and tennis elbow or medial and later epicondylitis, hamstring injuries, quad or IT band pain, knee pain or patellofemoral pain/disorders, shoulder pain or deltoid/bicep tendon/rotator cuff tendinitis or tendinosis, heel/foot pain or … Read more

Best Graston Scraping Tools for Foot Plantar Fasciitis

How to Do Self Graston Technique for Plantar Fasciitis Therapy at Home If you hear of graston therapy, it is sometimes related to a scraping massage technique on the muscle to boost up new blood flow.  And, this graston is often used for acute inflammatory conditions such plantar fasciitis, chronic conditions and post-surgical conditions which … Read more

Best Graston Tools for Tennis Elbow Treatment At Home

The Correct and Fact Graston Method for Tennis Elbow Lateral Epicondylitis This post will specifically explain how graston technique can relieve pain and improve function of your tennis elbow. If you are now experiencing tennis elbow pain, you can try applying graston technique which is effective and should be one of the first-line treatments for … Read more

Pros and Cons Graston Technique Tools for Muscle Scraping

How Does Graston Technique Work for Muscle Scraping Basically, you will see 6 core tools that are usually used in Graston Technique practically and they are mainly made of stainless steel and are concave and convex-shaped. Most of them have rounded edges and are not sharp in shape.During the graston technique process, those instruments are … Read more

DIY Graston Therapy for Muscle Pain No Side Effects

How to Do Graston Technique as Scraping Massage on Your Self Before going to discuss any further of The Graston Technique advantages and side effect for muscle pain treatment, it will better to know what Graston Technique as a massage therapy really is Graston Technique in a massaging can be said as a soft tissue … Read more