BEB Gua Sha to Reduce Stomach Stretch Marks After Pregnancy

Gua Sha Tui Na is The Best Way to Melt Cellulite Stretch Marks

If you are a woman who just delivered your new born babies, you may experience stretch mark on your stomach generally

Surely, you can try applying The BEB Organic Gua Sha method which is good for babies and pregnancy where it begins with the Soothing Serum to balance and clear followed by the Nurturing Oil to calm and smooth
At the point, you can then \pair that with the BEB Organic heart shaped stone.

The combination is the perfect since you thoroughly hydrate the skin with the Soothing Serum and then lock that moisture in with the oil.
Additionally, adding Nurturing Oil will give the perfect glide to make the stone work at its best.

For those who like massaging therapy, you have known that Gua Sha actually helps restore radiance to your skin and tone the tissues which can increase the blood flow with a lot of oxygen and contributing to all your body parts

For women who may be alert of premature aging on their skin, applying Gua Sha will really be useful to fight against premature aging of the face and the neck as well as cellulite that usually ornament your thigh muscle.

The other advantage of doing gua sha is to decrease dark circles, and puffiness under your eyes so that it can be used to prevent and attenuate the wrinkles of the face, and removes toxins inside your body. 

If you are getting older with less activity on your daily routine, you may feel that your muscles may be so stiff to move on  

Sometimes, a disruption in your energy will flow from physical or emotional distress in which this circumstance may cause stagnation throughout the body which may result cellulite and belly fat 

Previously, if you have known about cellulite, it is a tough skin condition to fight off because fat deposits are pushing their way through connective tissue beneath the skin. 

And, cellulite is connected to water metabolism. 

To illustrate it, when your Qi energy is stagnant, it causes the proper fluid management to be impeded on certain area of your muscle 

Then, this circumstance will make cellulite emerge on your skin especially for thigh muscle that will be discussed later on this post.

If you are a woman with cellulite, you may be thinking to get rid of it by using any cream 

Surely, these anti-cellulite creams, even diet and exercise which you have tried have not yet solved that issue and it is yet so little of it works to actually get rid of it. 

On the other words, cellulite is a structural issue which is based on the fibrous tethers that are interspersed through the fat in combination with other factors such as fluid accumulation and relative collagen strength.  

This fat can bulge through the net that these tethers create resulting dimpled skin on butt, thighs, and upper arms.  

Besides, belly fat is caused by internal or visceral accumulation, hormones, stress, genetic tendencies 

The same thing between cellulite and belly fat is about blood circulation improvement 

Both cellulite and belly fat can be treated with Gua Sha or Graston massages therapy in which you firstly oil the skin and then lightly or moderately scrape across the surface of it.  

After scraping your skin, you will see marks called sha on your skin surface which promotes breakage of surface adhesions, better circulation, and improved tone around cellulite area on your skin

Anyway, gua sha treatment is great at affecting the fibrous tethers that can bind your fat along the lines where it happens trying to improve your cellulite via foam rolling or deep tissue massage.  

At this phase, gua sha is more effective and benefits such as improving the appearance of scars and stretch marks on your thigh or arm. 

Commonly, most of Eastern massage methods can be said as medicine appointments which start with a detailed intake session. 

You can practice Gua Sha to relieve your cellulite on your thigh muscle which will be useful to loosen muscles and you can get a feel for where you accumulate blockages then stimulate the flow of lymph and blood.

For such reasons, you can go to another way that is by massaging your self with Gua Sha tool

In order to know more about cellulite, make sure to read the entire article

Gua Sha for Cellulite Belly Fat Treatment

The previous posts have said that Gua Sha is practically applied to move energy and remove blood stagnation by scraping the whole body until your skin is red which is useful to relieve muscle and joint pain, in that the conditions of the muscles and bones are known as musculoskeletal disorders. 

Get back to cellulite, you must firstly understand how to improve the appearance of cellulite 

At this point, stress hormones can play a role in producing cellulite, whereby stress can create inflammation and heat, leading to weight gain and putting more physical stress on the body.

In line with this, chronic inflammation comes along with all sorts of health complications such as insulin resistance, leptin resistance, and more, that emerge reduced circulation causing cellulite. 

Here, your body has less blood supply along with lower levels of hydration that can increase the likelihood of cellulite developing. 

Perhaps, you have tried a lot of methods of getting rid of this issue but thankfully, gua sha is one tool that can help in reducing it with a little side effect.

As a healing therapy, practiced for thousands of years Gua sha has proven to increase microcirculation as much as 400 percent for, which is known to increase immunity, and to clear inflammation. 

You will get better results when you combine Gua Sha with diet and exercise, since this can be reducing body fat while treating cellulite appearance. 

Practically, the use of gua sha is using a round-edged tool made from jade or metal which functions to gently rub the skin until redness appears. 

By scraping your skiing with gua sha, this technique helps disperse toxins through increased circulation, while assisting the lymphatic and immune systems function.

You may wonder of how Gua Sha can help you solve your cellulite in the next level

Basically, massaging is a great way to break down fat deposits in your skin that can increase your blood flow that will be useful to reduce your cellulite fast. 

Gua Sha for cellulite works on creating more blood flow that kicks in lymphatic drainage, which results in the skin becoming firmer because stagnant fluid is broken down and exited, and fresh nutritious blood is brought to these areas. 

Once again, Gua sha can smooth and firm skin then fat breaks down and connective tissue is stretched. 

Plus, Gua Sha can improve your digestion, as well as liver and gallbladder function. 

There will be more health benefits you get from doing gua sha which are not just going to help getting rid of existing cellulite but it will act as a preventative as well. 

How to Practice Gua Sha Tool for Cellulite

If you want to decide to buy a gua sha tool, you may wonder how well it works against cellulite. 

When you are about to apply Gua Sha for your body treatment, always notice to start your skin gently 

In line with this, you can use about eight strokes which should be enough to bring up a red flush, and go slow. 

For the first time, you can start Gua Sha treatment with a generous amount of oil such as relax and nourish organic body oil on your chest and neck which will ensure this self-care ritual goes to an indulgent level. 

According to that line, try applying oil as needed, then rub down the backs of your upper arms which functions to avoid that loose, which will make thin-looking skin accumulate in this area of the body. 

Because of oil and the way of scraping with gua sha tools, the hydration from the oil and promotion of circulation from the massage will encourage the skin to stay thigh and youthful. 

In the process of scraping your skin with gua sha tool, try to press your teardrop rose quartz Gua Sha at the centre of your chest 

At this phase, make sure to move the gemstone in slow, while doing relaxing strokes outward eight times to each side approximately. 

You will feel the side effect such as reddish bruising, but this is entirely normal and it is actually a regular part of this process. 

For the next few days, the redness fades incredibly quickly 

And, you can always decrease the pressure when doing gua sha on your skin according to your comfort level. 

Next, you can start at your hairline, stroke down the nape of your neck to your shoulders 

You can continue to move on to the torso, while stroking down from the bra line to the hips, then curving from the outside of the ribcage and moving inward. 

Here, you can notice that these movements follow the natural lines of your body and muscles 

And, just do it to make the perfect massage after a long day of work or strenuous exercise. 

Most Gua Sha tools are made in little gemstones, but you can count on this tool to solve your cellulite for better level 

If you have cellulite on the legs you can add this ritual to your daily routine. 

On the other side, Gua Sha help balance chi energy since chi is connected to water metabolism 

If it is in a stagnancy it can cause cellulite, whereby the massaging movements are very useful to encourage proper fluid management by your body, diminishing the look of cellulite. 

When you are working on applying gua sha for the legs, you can choose gua sha or graston tools which you most prefer.

To do gua sha on your legs, just push the stone down the front of the legs and move upwards as you work the inner leg and thigh 

For starting points, you can start pushing the stone down at the ankle with long upward strokes over the calf then at the knee upward toward the hips. 

If you have chronic issues, try to press the pain area firmly and move in one direction about 15 times before waiting a few seconds and starting again. 

And, if you feel lymphatic drainage and an immune boost, you can perform less pressure and move rather quickly with gua sha tool. 

Once again, it can be summarized that you can take some points of applying gua sha to get rid of cellulite on your thigh muscle 

  1. First thing first is to prepare your skin by applying your favorite cream or oil to smoothen up your gua sha tool slide easily to scrape or rub your skin surface on your thigh muscle 
  2. Later on, you can continue to start making movements of about 4 inches where these movements are mainly to scan the chosen area in that it will be useful to feel the dysfunctional tissue by the presence of small protrusions or bumps along the muscle, especially for your thigh muscle.
  3. At that point, you will feel these protrusions, then you may have to continue to massage in each direction with medium pressure with your hands. 

If you see your scraped skin turning to pink not dark red, you can repeat the action about five times between five and ten times for better result

  1. To use gua sha to help get rid of cellulite on your thigh muscle, you can do it regularly not to exceed 5 minutes in the treatment area 

And, it is recommended to do it twice a week.

  1. If you have any red marks or the pain after scraping your skin, make sure to wait for the issue to disappear before continuing with the Gua sha massage anti-cellulite.
  2. Furthermore, it is suggested to apply gua sha technique to your body between 6 to 8 treatments. 

Then, if you have experienced 12 treatments the cellulite on your thigh muscle may disappear but if it is not then you may need to consult a specialist doctor or skin therapy.


Generally, Gua sha is a natural massage that can be an alternative therapy in that you need to scrape your skin with a massage tool to improve your blood circulation. 

This Gua sha as an alternative healing technique may offer a unique holistic approach to get better health, helping issues like chronic pain, cellulite, stress, and even weight loss.

Once applying regularly, you will literally feel the detoxifying effect right after scraping the skin with short strokes to stimulate microcirculation of the soft tissue especially around your shoulders and legs muscles where you often feel the pain. 

At the same time, you will get benefits from gua sha such as the improvement of your leg blood circulation and remove pain which is most often relieved with a 10 minutes massage using the gua sha stones. 

Mainly, gua sha focuses on addressing stagnant energy, called chi, in the body that is associated with inflammation, the underlying cause of several conditions associated with chronic pain whereby rubbing the skin’s surface is considered helpful to help break up this energy and reduce inflammation, and promote healing in the process. 

Doing Gua Sha regularly will give good effects of having gorgeous legs, beautiful tone, and a reduction in the stubborn lump-look that often accompanies the thighs

Alongside, you will get a lovely body by practicing regularly where you must apply your body oil, then rub the skin gently with a Gua Sha tool and spend a few minutes massaging the part of your body that needs a bit of love. 

Anyway, always use this tool with massage oil such that to get a deeper Trigger Point Massage and so you protect much better skin from discomfort because of dry friction.

For gua sha tools, you can use gua sha stainless steel instruments since they are easily disinfected and will not break if it slips out of your hand.

On the other side, except helping you get rid of cellulite, applying gua sha will also have benefits that you can directly feel to your body 

Gua Sha effect positive effects that you can get on your body are as follows:

  1. Your blood flow can increase immediately so your body part will get sufficient supply of oxygen
  2. Gua Sha can soothe your muscle and increase lymphatic flow by releasing toxin from your body 
  3. As said above paragraphs, gua sha can be used to reduce cellulite in the legs
  4. Besides, gua sha can also be used to reduce cortisol which really help destress 
  5. You immunity and hydration or oils will also be increased after doing gua sha regularly 

To get better results of doing gua sha in your daily routine, you can use a gua sha tool made from jade or stainless steel, and use it for as long as you like for an all over self-massage treatment. 

Here, you will be able to use brisk strokes in the morning to wake up and invigorate, then slow to use it as long strokes in the evening, which will be useful to soothe and calm you. 

Why gua sha or body brushing is used before your bedtime is to help to dispel excess energy, which will help you to sleep better. 

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